Juniper Ridge | Desert + Denim

I've been going on hiking trips and shooting photos for Juniper Ridge for going on 2 years now. They had a wild idea to throw a trade show that they would actually enjoy going to, and invited all of their friends including: Jack/Knife Denim, Tellason, Indigo Fera, Iron + Resin, Jungmaven, Topo Designs and many more. Desert + Denim took place in Joshua Tree, CA at the Mojave Sands Hotel (beautiful space for anyone looking to switch it up from the standard PS Ace hotel). Live music from bands like little wings, wilderness perfuming with the JR boys, indigo and natural tye dying with Jungmaven, T-rex dance parties, Desert BBQs in the park, late night hot tub dogpiles and soo much more, D+D was truly a place for brands and buyers to interact on a personal level, the way we all like to think "business" should be done. Here is the recap film I directed and photos from the week:

Geoutfitted | Kelty | Camp Lifestyle

Getoutfitted and heritage camping brand Kelty got together to make camping rental packages available via mail for those people who only need a tent but once a year (or don't have an inch of storage to spare in their NYC loft). I love the concept, mainly from the environmental aspect (apart from the shipping) of sharing / renting the same items vs. buying and requiring more "things" to be produced. The duo asked me to get a gang together and go show how much fun it is to sleep outside, so we packed up the prius and 76' corona and headed for Mt. Whitney.